Project 101 : Munny

1 Jun

Recently, a relative that just came back from the States gave me figurine as a present. Unlike any other figurine, this one was special. Instead of colorful prints and decorations it was totally blank. The only characteristic of this unique figurine (known as the Munny) is that it is shaped as an monkey however, there aren’t any eyes, noes, mouth etc…. My mom just wanted me to leave it blank but, I decided to customize it and make it more special. After a couple sketches, I decided to decorate it with rhinestones and possibly make it all shiny. Although, it was hard spending the couple hours walking to the nearest department store, buy rhinestones and start sticking the rhinestones piece by piece on my figurine I had fun imagining my final image of this Munny and actually accomplishing a quarter of the design. Sadly, I wasn’t able to and won’t be able to actually work on the Munny until the end of June because of finals and my upcoming SATs however, I’m hoping to finish during the summer.


10 days in the City of Wonders II

30 May


With all the excitement and the anxiousness that I’ve had for the past year, I arrived in Paris, France on March 18th 2011. The whole idea of going to Paris just seemed to be a dream to me however, here I was, standing in the middle of Charles d’gall Airport, heading to my first destination – Evreux

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10 days in the City of Wonders I

23 May

With all the excitement and the anxiousness that I’ve had for the past year, I arrived in Paris, France on March 18th 2011. The whole idea of going to Paris just seemed to be a dream to me however, here I was, standing in the middle of Charles d’gall Airport, heading to my first destination – Evreux.

For the first five days, I stayed in a little city called Evreux. Evreux was a small beautiful city, full of green trees, grasses, animals etc. . The first 2 days, I  spent my time touring the city with my home stay family. We went to a port city filled with antique shops, art studios and galleries. The restaurant that we went was also great. I had a gallet which is the meal version of crepe and obviously something that I won’t be able to taste in Korea. For the last couple days, we spent our time at the the main town and also visited where Jeanne d’Arc was burnt. To a person who is used to the skyscrapers, cold weather and the polluted air filled with dusts with busy people, Evreux was just the right place for me to take a couple days and rest. It was peaceful and quite one of a experience where one can really interact with the environment and also really look at the city without any interruption.

21st Century Library: Jeongja, Naver Library

15 May

If libraries were only used for borrowing and reading books in the past, I will like to introduce a library that will represent the 21st century library, the Jeonja Naver Library. Here, people not only read books but also use it as a cafe (1st floor), a study place, and a place were we can develop our creativity through not only books but also the environment. The library is currently located in the 1st floor of the Jeongja Naver building (a.k.a Green Factory). The library is divided into two main floors. The first floor contains mostly, normal novels and the second floor contains professional art resources. Personally, I like the second floor because, usually art books are very expensive and very hard to find however, here in the Naver Library, there are thousands of art books that are categorized by different types of majors and the best of all, it doesn’t cost you a penny to read these books. Also as I mentioned above, the books aren’t the only part that makes this library exciting. The unique design, big windows, high ceilings etc… the entire environment of the library just seems to make you want to read more and learn more. Thus, too those who are desperate to find a place where you can learn a lot and focus but also at the same time want to go somewhere cool, I strongly recommend the Naver Library.

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Colors Aren’t Just For Coloring

13 May

What is color? Does it exist for you to fill in just blank space and make things look more beautiful??

Definition of Color : the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light. (from

Although many researches has shown how influential colors can be in our daily lives, the majority of the people still seems to believe that colors are just something that exists for people to fill out blank space when actually, there is more meaning behind it. Thus, I decided to right a blog post that specifically talks about the use of color in our body, our jobs and what it symbolizes.

Color has been used as treatment during the ancient days. These types of cure were specifically called Chromotherapy. Today, Chromotherapy is referred as therapy or holistic treatment. The main colors that are used in this treatment are, red, yellow, orange,blue. More specifically, red was used to stimulate the body and mind which increases circulation. Yellow was used to purify the body by stimulating the nerves. Orange was used to heal the lungs and increase your energy and lastly, people believe that blue calms the illness and pacify the pain.

Colors are not only used to treat illness but also it has been discovered that it can also influence you emotions. For example, green make people relaxed, yellow activates your memory, orange stimulates your energy and white aids your mental stability. Thus, companies tends to use colors to make their products more effective. For instance, one of the reasons why most sticky notes are yellow is because it stimulates your nerves and make you memorize things better.

Viewing Cuba through Korda’s Lens

23 Feb

[Introducing…. Albert Korda]

Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez (a.k.a Alberto Korda) was born in September 14, 1928, Havana Cuba. At the age of 18, he was inspired by his father’s Kodak 35mm and started to take picture of his girlfriend. His constant interest in photography resulted him to be  first a regular photographer who would take wedding pictures and sell them in front of the wedding as a souvenir. Later on his interest in fashion led him to be the first Cuban fashion/advertisement photographer. When the Cuban revolution began, a newspaper called “Revolution” was created. This newspaper was basically a paper where they updated the latest news and events in Cuba. As one of the photographers, Korda was sent to U.S in April, 1959 to take pictures of Fidel Castro (the leader of Cuba during that time period). A picture that Korda took of Fidel in front of the Lincoln Memorial became a hit and became the start of Korda’s revolutionary photos. Following the picture of Fidel, Korda followed Fidel all over the world as a friend/personal photographer. As time passed on, he not only took pictures of Fidel but also the famous Che Guevara. Korda was well known for taking pictures of the two “great” leaders but also took many picture of the “human” side of them too.  He died in May 21,2001 from a heart attack at Paris, France leaving various of masterpieces that is still notices today and will be remembered in the future too.

[ Exhibition Info ]

Place : Coex Mall, Seoul,Korea
Date : 11.24.10 ~ 03.01.11                                                                                                                                                                                                                 For more information … visit  :

Magician of Colors : Marc Chagall

13 Feb

Marc Chagall was just a “famous Russian French artist” to me until I met him…..
On my last day of Lunar Holiday, my entire family went on a trip to the Seoul Museum of Art with the lead of my mother. Here, I was able to see approximately about 160 masterpieces of Chagall. As I already mentioned before this exhibition, the name Chagall didn’t give make me even twitch. It was so new and just unfamiliar. However, after seeing the amazing color scheme, unique drawings (can’t really explain…) somehow I became interested and wanted to see more and more of his art works. I was able to discover how most of the his work’s color scheme is dark and cold (which I assume it’ slither from the impact of the conflict he faced with other artists or the historical background of the dictatorship…)

[ Exhibition Info ]
Place : Seoul Museum of Art
Date : 12.03.10 ~ 03.27.11